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Bespoke Investment Funding

Joint Ventures

Number 1 Investment Group continually looks for investment opportunities and partners in all spheres of the business. We are always interested in successful joint ventures. We believe, that both parties should have significant knowledge and skill set in the particular field, to enable business growth and generate satisfying returns.

We can bring exceptional added value in a number of specialist fields, which include:

    Real-estate development





Wealth Structuring Advice

Due to our extensive transactional knowledge, and 20 years of experience in structuring business deals, Number 1 International Group is able to guide and give plain speaking advice. Over the years, we have managed and advised numerous high net worth individuals on handling of their assets, as well as structuring tax and estate planning efficiency.

Number 1 International is not an authorised Taxation, Investment, Legal or Banking firm, although we truly believe, that our expertise and contacts in these specific areas will certainly enable our clients to obtain the right advice at the best value.

Angel Investment

We look to identify business opportunities and promising entrepreneurs, who need business investment and/or expertise, in order to develop their ideas while enabling a significant profit return for stakeholders. Please get in contact with Alon in strictest confidence to discuss your business.

    Number 1 International can join and work with you to achieve the best results on investment with safe and secure asset and profit structure. We identify the perfect investment product and bring the finance options and structure including Number 1 investment and funding options as well as to discuss the ownership structure to ensure new project/property/equity is held in the most profitable manner.