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Real Estate Opportunities

We identify opportunities within the market target at the right time and aim to ensure that our investment benefit from our local knowledge and experince to allow our group to enjoy the up-side first before anyone else.

Each of our investment is made by our group capital funds however from time to time  investment we go straight to the professional investors offering them a segment of the deal with completely transparent safeguards for their investment finance.

Investors are looking for alternative ways to invest their funds. Number 1 Investment Group recognise this and have created such a vehicle, clients investment arms Number 1 Group with the fire power to negotiate substantial deals which will deliver significant returns on clients' investments.

We have the confidence and experience of some of the biggest names in the property sector advising us.

Our aim is to be completely transparent. Investors will know exactly how the fund will be run, how much profit will be made and what disbursements there are.

  • Each investment will be through a SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), registered in Jersey , that will hold only the investment which will be ring-fenced
  • Investors will be invited to purchase shares in the SPV. Shares will be in £100,000 nominations (minimum investment £100,000)
  • Each SPV will have Fairway Group as directors and administrators, Healys as its' legal advisors and HLB Jackson Fox as accountants and audit firm. Professional property advisors will include Foxtons & Savills
  • The basis of the investment will be fully explained on the company website. It will detail all expenditure during the course of the investment and the agreed professional fees

The team at Number 1 Group will identify investments (commercial properties, hotels & retail and residential ) and other opportunities that satisfy their investment criteria, and there will always be a number of potential investments. The details will be made available on the secured company website and potential investors will be invited to register their interest. Based on this registration procedure, investors will be invited to visit the building/property during an open-day. Potential investors will have previously signed a confidentiality agreement regarding the transaction.

Based on the overall costs (purchase price, stamp duty, business rates, insurance, security and marketing) the minimum investment will be £100,000.